Instructions for proceedings

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The ASP will publish the proceedings of LISA VII through the ASP Conference Series.

The Proceedings of the LISA VII conference will be published in the
ASP Conference Series.
The Editors will be Andras Holl, Soizick Lesteven, Dianne Dietrich, and Antonella Gasperini.

Manuscript submission deadline: July 31, 2014.

Manuscript limit:
Up to 8 pages for oral presentations.
Up to 4 pages for posters.

Manuscripts should be submitted in LaTeX, using the ASP style file:

following the instructions:

Further instructions, prepared by Eva Isaksson are available at:

If You can not submit the paper in LaTeX, we accept plain text files, with no markup.

The manuscripts should be submitted via the web:

Author names should be entered in lowercase.

In case of any difficulty encountered by the web submission,
manuscripts could be submitted by e-mail:

The figures should be submitted in PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript
format, or in PNG. The resolution should be publication quality,
and keep in mind that the it will be printed black and white!

The filenames should be like Firstuthorname_oral or Firstauthorname_poster,
a number should be appended if there are more than one contributions from
the same author in the same category. Figures should be named
Firstuthorname_oral_fig1 etc.

Authors are asked to submit their ORCID identifiers. They are easy to create